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This is the story of the turtle!

Several miles north of Saint Mary's lies the land of the turtle. This is a place shrouded in mystery and legend since the beginning of time. A place where seemly normal people loose their sense of direction and common sense.

Late at night in this land, the power of the turtle casts its magic spell.


The Locals know of the mighty power of the turtle. But wary travelers fall victim and are easy prey for the turtle.

Our story begins after a 12 to 14 hour day at Steward College. Students tired, wary from the days training, seek relaxation and a chance to collect their thoughts before for the next grueling day at college.

Little do they know they are prime victims for the power of the turtle. They have been lured to this seemly normal tavern by secret members of the turtle order. Their own union brothers and sisters, how shameful it is!!

Not Smiling ->

As the evening progresses the students serious studious faces begin to smile. Ah, the secret members of the turtle order see that there plan is working!

<- Smiling

Soon the euphoria spreads through out the entire establishment. All the wary Steward Students are smiling and having fun, totaly unware that they have become possesed by the turtle.

Someone in the croud starts it, quietly at first then joined by another voice, then another. Soon the whole tavern is chanting. Turtle! Turtle! Turtle!

Soon the whole place is rocking with people chanting, dancing, prancing around hands over their head shaking wildly. Oh what a shamful site! Then with no signal at all eveyone heads for the outdoors like a stampead of buffalo, still chanting and carrying on.

Soon they find themselves crawling down the middle of the highway on all fours pursuing the mighty turtle. Finally catching the turtle there on the double yellow line the ritual begins. Each person is cheered on by a crowd chanting Turtle, Turtle, Turtle! Oh, the shame of it all.

My fellow union brother Clinton Shaul preforming his turtle ritual.

Theres More....

How shamful, yes that's me.... Wait a minute, it didn't seem so bad at the time, as a matter of fact it wasn't ! Gladly I would do it again !

Wouldn't You !

The End