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The History of The International Association of Turtles

Some American Fighter Pilots were relaxing in an English Pub during World War II when they, somehow, got onto the subject of "Turtles". They described a person who was clean minded, usually minded their own business, but when the need arose, would stick their neck out for themselves and other people in need had the attributes of a turtle. That's how the International Association of Turtles began.

Sounds crazy unless you have been around drinking pilots.

These pilots became the fist members of the International Association of Turtles. Knowing the way of the military they would all be split up soon and they would all actively recruit new members. So they came up with a way for Turtles to identify each other. When anyone would ask a Turtle, "Are you a Turtle?" the proper response would be...


There are only two requirements for being a member of the International Association of Turtles, you think clean minded and you are willing to stick your neck out for yourself and for other people in need. Take the test and see if you have what it takes.

Click on the mascot and good luck.

It was a simple idea based on the fact that everyone owned a jackass, and that everyone's jackass was sweet. As a member of their "club" whenever anyone asked you the club question, you had to respond in accordance with club ritual - regardless of where you were when you were asked. Otherwise, the "penalty" for not responding correctly was the cost of a drink.

The proper response to the question,
"Are You A Turtle?" is
"You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Am!"

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