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Are You A Turtle?
Home | Membership Information | This page is dedicated to fallen Turtles or those that have given their lives in the spirit of Turtles.
Membership Information


If You Have What it Take...You Too Can Become A Turtle!!

To be a Turtle you must think with a clean mind and you must be willing to stick your neck out for yourself and for other people in need.

Once you have taken the Turtle Test (if you haven't found the test or if you haven't passed it yet you might want to re-think whether you have what it takes to be a Turtle) you are now elegable to become a registered card carrying member of the International Association of Turtles.

A portion of your one time membership fee goes to helping people in need.

After all WE ARE TURTLES!!!

For a donation of $5.00 you will receive a membership card and a lapel pin of a Turtle. This pin will let other Turtles, in a subtle way, know that they are not alone. In these days that is a comforting thought. It is a way to spot like-minded people.

The Standard Turtle Lapel Pin.

Click here to become a member of the International Association of Turtles.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Turtle?
Take The Test!

It requires that you have a clean mind and the willingness to stick your neck out for youself and for other people in need.

Click on the picture of our mascot and take the test.

The Official International Association of Turtles Mascot.

In 1975 Jim Beam made this decanter to commemorate the International Association of Turtles...Thank you Jim.

If you have any questions please send us email.

Thank you for visiting the International Association of Turtles Website...